Who We Are


Is a Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) platform.

The platform offers training and education services for both private and government entities and personnel.


We believe in knowledge for all, thus we work with expertise in various fields as well as policymakers to produce high level and high quality content for students, youth, employees and entrepreneurs.

We exist for you, wherever you are, Washeek is here for to make your future plans and dreams “Washeek”!


Washeek offers training courses based on the marketplace needs to assist you in maximising profit, supply you with the skills and extend your benefits.


Are you a University student? An employee? Or an employer? Washeek has been created for you!

Washeek provides online courses in different fields based on the market needs. Because we believe that knowledge has to be accessible for all, we deliver FREE courses for All, as well as affordable paid content.