Work Ethics (Arabic)

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Work Ethics (Arabic)

About this course:

The commitment of any institution and its employees to high work ethics, in which human, religious and societal values are in consideration, and even in a way that serves the community, is one of the most important pillars of success and excellence in any institution.

Good morals in work environment are not just a luxury or an aesthetic element, but quite the contrary. It is the basic, if not the first pillar of success and career excellence, raising the level of productivity and service development. Which is the greatest goal of any organization.

Commitment to work ethics helps the organization and its employees to overcome challenges, provide exceptional services to customers, and retain highly qualified and skilled employees. Therefore, work ethics is a necessity, a competitive advantage and an added value for any institution. As a result of that, this course comes to add to the employee a cognitive dimension in the field of work ethics

Targeted groups:

Employees and workers in the administrative and development field, officials, managers and supervisors of work

After this course, participants will be able to:

  • Informing them of the nature of work ethics and its sources
  • Providing them with a set of work ethics
  • Clarifying the importance of work ethic for the individual
  • Enabling them to master the skills of dealing in the work environment